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2017 Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro Team frameset
  • 2017 Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro Team frameset
  • 2017 Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro Team frameset




 • Summum Stealth Carbon Zero Suspension System FG 205mm
• Most advanced Carbon frames technology
• Zero suspension System
• MFG - Forward Geometry
• Fox DHX2 Kashima Factory 222x70mm
• sizes S / M / L

• Weight: 2,8 kg. (including all hardware, axle a hanger, w/o shock)





Výsledek obrázku pro video icon  Mondraker Summum Carbon - Super Faster video


Výsledek obrázku pro video icon  Mondraker Summum Carbon - Fastes bike on planet 167,7 kmh


• Safety on steep downhill areas 
The front axle is more advanced compared to traditional
geometry which increases stability and makes it impossible to go over the handlebars on
steep sections. It also feels more secure and confident due to the slacker angle perception.

• Confidence at high speed
The longer wheelbase makes the bike much more stable over any terrain.

• Direct steering
The short stems only 10mm, 20mm or 30mm in length provide a greater front wheel angle with less handlebar movement, which improves steering precision and makes the bike very reactive.

• Uphill precision
The front wheel stays in contact with the ground avoiding wheelies due the longer front-centre length (distance from the bottom bracket to the front wheel axle).

• Stability in technical and rough sections
FG provides a new weight balance between front and rear wheel making it possible to load the front wheel a lot more than with classic geometry. This advantage changes your handling by giving better grip in cornering and significantly improving control.



Zero is the name of Mondraker’s exclusive patented suspension system. From Summum 27´5” to Factor 27´5” and 24”, all Mondraker’s full suspension models share the basis of the Zero suspension system, where travel, pedalling efficiencyand overall performance are fully optimised for each of the categories.

• Zero power loss
The system neutralises any bob when pedalling. The force applied to the pedals translates into immediate forward motion without extra compression or extension of the rear suspension.

• Zero pedal kickback
The stretching on the chain is insignificant throughout the suspension travel, so pedalling is as effective and efficient as possible.

• Zero brake jack
Using the rear brake does not alter the operation of the suspension system. The braking forces are isolated to maintain the effectiveness of the rear suspension without compression or extension.

• Zero bumps
The main characteristic of the system is its excellent absorption capacity at the same time as it
provides high pedalling efficiency. The optimised trajectory of the rear axle and its linear operation
create a rear suspension that assures very effective impact absorption by the rear wheel



STEALTH is the most advanced industrial design and structure optimisation technology used in the Mondraker range. Stealth encompasses all processes in the creation of the frame, from the industrial design to the specific production of each of its tubes with the calculation of the most precise details that optimise each part for a specific function. Each tube and part is carefully designed to carry out a specific function while striving to achieve the lowest possible weight. Aluminium Summum, Dune, Foxy, Crafty and Vantage are fine examples of Stealth technology.

STEALTH  2.0 TECHNOLOGY represents the evolution of the concept to a new level of features and finishes. The industrial design is more elaborate and more stylised with a greater visual appeal. The characteristic flat faces and sharp edges of the original Stealth design turn through 90 degrees and thus increase the torsional rigidity of the entire frame. Stealth 2.0 uses an exclusive aluminium alloy in the 6066 series to reduce internal thicknesses and butting to achieve a final weight that’s a real record. Stealth 2.0 technology is to be found in the Factor 27´5”, Factor 24” and Panzer.


STEALTH CARBON is the most advanced carbon fibre development and optimisation technology in the Mondraker range. This constantly developing technology brings all the experience gained in making aluminium frames to top of  the range carbon fibre to meet the same innovation, maximum quality, minimum weight and strength requirements. Each part of the frame is designed to carry out a specific function with the lowest possible weight  and careful positioning in the application and arrangement of carbon fibres exclusive to each specific model and size. The result is a frame with the best strength / structural rigidity / lightness ratio, exceptional reliability and a very attractive unique 100% Mondraker look.
Summum Carbon, Dune Carbon, Foxy Carbon, Podium Carbon and Chrono Carbon are the Stealth Carbon technology flagships.



A Seat Tube Lenght 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
B Top Tube Lenght 575mm 600mm 622mm 647mm
C Bottom Bracket Drop 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm
D Bottom Bracket Height 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm
E Chainstay Lenght 445 - 460mm 445 - 460mm 445 - 460mm 445 - 460mm
F Seat Tube Angle, Actual 65º 65º 65º 65º
G Seat Tube Angle, Effective 73.5º 73.5º 73.5º 73.5º
H Head Tube Angle 63º (+/-2º) 63º (+/-2º) 63º (+/-2º) 63º (+/-2º)
I Fork Offset 52mm 52mm 52mm 52mm
J Wheelbase 1200mm 1225mm 1250mm 1280mm
K Head Tube Lenght 112mm 112mm 122mm 122mm
L Reach 397mm 422mm 442mm 468mm
M Stack 597mm 597mm 606mm 606mm

2017 Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro Team frameset


 Mondraker SUMMUM CARBON PRO Team   KEY FEATURES:  • Summum Stealth Carbon Zero Suspension System FG 205mm • Most advanced Carbon frames technology • Zero suspension System • MFG - Forward Geometry • Fox DHX2 Kashima Factory 222x70mm • sizes S / M / L • Wei...
  • Manufactured by: Mondraker
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